Hummer Spoiler Wings

Your Hummer is one of the biggest, baddest machines ever to hit the highways. It features unstoppable off-road performance capabilities, and bold, head-turning looks. As outstanding as your custom Hummer’s style and performance are, however, adding an extra shot of awesome to both certainly couldn’t hurt. When you’re ready to upgrade your custom Hummer’s looks and performance simultaneously, offers a wide selection of custom spoilers, custom wings, and universal spoilers and wings to give your ride an unbeatable balance of fashion and function.

Most spoilers on new cars are just for show. They have no real effect on the vehicle’s aerodynamics, either because the car’s level of performance renders them unnecessary, or because the spoiler itself is insufficient to give the desired effect.’s Hummer spoilers and wings are built for performance as well as style, and are the ideal way to boost your custom Hummer’s aerodynamics and improve its already-stellar looks.

At, we carry many different styles of spoilers and wings, ensuring that you can find an ideal match for your custom Hummer’s style and performance needs. We stock everything from oversize, high-performance models to more subtle, low key spoilers and wings which will accentuate your Hummer’s body lines perfectly. Whether you’re after better performance, better style, or both, has what you need.’s Hummer wings generate stupendous down-force for your ride. Our custom Hummer wings are lightweight and easy to install, attaching to your truck’s rear roof with minimal modification. A Hummer wing will enhance your truck’s aerodynamic performance and give it eye-catching custom looks.

Our custom Hummer spoilers are remarkable down-force generating devices as well, and will give your ride unparalleled style. They mount to your rear roof with a modicum of effort, and our user-friendly instruction manuals include helpful diagrams to make installation easier than falling out of bed. A Hummer spoiler will improve your aerodynamics and make your truck look marvelous–it’s the best of both worlds!

Show your passion for performance with a custom spoiler or custom wing from Our spoilers and wings will keep your ride pinned to the roadway at speed, while improving your fuel efficiency and giving your custom Hummer show-stopping style. offers nothing but top quality custom Hummer spoilers, custom Hummer wings, and Hummer universal spoilers and wings, made by some of the most trusted names in the business. We have the best selection, the best prices, and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere.

There’s no better way to upgrade your Hummer’s performance and looks in one fell swoop than with a first class spoiler or wing. No matter which Hummer spoiler or Hummer wing you choose, is the foremost place to find all your custom Hummer parts and accessories. Unleash your passion!

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Hummer Spoiler Wings