Chrysler Accessories

Chrysler vehicles are a fabulous blend of American-made performance and luxury. Their cars are some of the finest ever to hit the highways, and are true automotive jewels. Your Chrysler is no exception, but great as it is, there’s always room for improvement thanks to’s exceptional selection of top quality Chrysler custom accessories. Front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, has everything you’ll need to transform your Chrysler into a rolling work of art.

Your Chrysler’s front end is its face. Make sure it looks its best with an custom headlight conversion kit. Our headlight conversion kits will give your ride exceptional, exclusive style. They replace your factory headlights with a unique multi-bulb configuration that will make your car look like nothing else on the road.’s headlight conversion kits come in a variety of colors, guaranteeing that you can find an ideal complement for your Chrysler’s custom look.

A simple, but often overlooked, custom project for your Chrysler are its side mirrors. stocks custom chrome mirror kits to give your ride a smart custom accent that is fashionable and functional. Our chrome mirror kits are a fabulous means of giving your custom Chrysler a subtle dash of brilliance.

For your tow hitch-equipped Chrysler, carries a wide range of custom hitch covers to give one of your car’s most basic functions a matchless degree of style. We offer custom chrome emblem hitch covers, custom carbon fiber emblem hitch covers, and custom lighted hitch covers, making it easy to perfectly accentuate your custom Chrysler’s style.

Your custom Chrysler already looks like a one of a kind, so make it sound like a one of a kind with a custom air horn from For an unexpected custom feature that is easy to hear but hard to forget, our Chrysler air horns are second to none.

To turn the inside of your custom Chrysler into a multi-media funhouse, carries a selection of LCD monitor kits. The only limit to where you can install a custom LCD monitor in your Chrysler is your own imagination (and a few pesky traffic laws). On your seat backs, as overhead flip-downs, in the glove box–you can make it happen with a Chrysler custom LCD monitor kit from

If your custom Chrysler needs but a few finishing touches, has you covered. We stock a variety of Chrysler custom storage systems to tame the willy-nilly cargo in your trunk or boot, custom Chrysler roof racks to lock down your luggage, Chrysler custom wind deflectors to dampen road noise, Chrysler custom antennas to upgrade your radio reception, Chrysler custom car covers to keep your ride safely under wraps, and much more. proudly carries nothing but the best custom Chrysler accessories, from the most trusted names in the business. We offer the best selection, the best prices, and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. Unleash your passion!

Chrysler Accessories