Acura Suspension

If you know what’s good for your Acura, you probably keep your suspension in check. It’s important to make sure that your Acura’s suspension is at its optimal condition with proper maintenance and upgrades. has the newest, top quality Acura suspension components that will aid you in doing precisely that. There are a variety of these components, including springs, coil over kits, strut bars, sway bars and alignment kits.

If you are looking to smooth out the bumps and potentially dangerous potholes in the roads you drive, go for the basic set-up using Acura shocks. Some of the Acura shocks that you can find at that make great first level upgrades are Tokico and KYB. You won’t regret selecting any of these suspension components, as they offer unsurpassed performance at more-than-reasonable prices.

Acura KYB shocks can be adjusted to fit your needs, since they are designed to allow movement. If you need your vehicle to handle better, seek greater driving comfort, or both, these shocks can only be described using one word: GREAT. They are available in four- or eight-stage dampering levels that can be adjusted with ease using a conveniently located knob on the top of each of the shocks.

Tokico shocks for Acura cannot be adjusted, but they possess several pre-set damper levels, allowing for a ride that you will definitely enjoy. The superior smoothness and comfort are unbeatable.

McGaughy’s shocks are flexible, universal components. They are designed for simple installation onto your vehicle and they co-ordinate amazingly–and almost instantly–with your car’s stock components, without any flaws.

You can also finely tune your shocks by fitting some new springs on your Acura. offers a wide variety of brand names like Eibach, H&R, Progress and Sprint.

Some Acura springs have progressive spring rates, which allow them to stiffen and firm as they compress. This is the opposite in fixed-rate springs, which have one constant rate, regardless of your driving speed and style. The plus-side of progressive over constant springs is that progressive springs offer comfort when you are simply on a slow Sunday drive,but they make you feel more like a race driver when you are pushing your Acura to its limits.

The amount of drop in your car’s height is up to you, since all springs will lower your car’s ride-height somewhat. You can choose a drop that is not very severe if you want something that goes hand in hand with your Acura’s stock components. Or, you can select springs that get you close to the blacktop for the ultimate road-hugging ride. Just be sure you can handle it!

Acura coil over kits are the perfect complement for your car, if you are looking for the best in both appearance and handling. These kits have the shocks and springs all in one package, making it possible for them to replace the whole factory unit. This allows for far greater adjustability in contrast to the shock-and-spring combination. Once again, offers a wide range of Acura coil over kits from names such as Progress, Tein, H&R and Ground Control.

Sway bars for Acura also go to extreme lengths to help your car meet your driving and handling needs. If you install a new sway bar, the amount of body roll in your Acura will be greatly decreased and your car’s handling will be changed for the better. If you have both front and rear sway bars on your Acura, performance and adjustability will be even greater. For more front-end bite, change the settings on the sway bars. Add sway bars from names like Suspension Techniques and Progress, which will help you handle better and are in abundance at

Strut bars are fitted across the top of your Acura’s shocks. They connect the two towers for a more stable chassis. These are extremely easy to install and come complete with all the hardware needed to do so. Make the right choice for your Acura at

Acura Suspension