Mercedes Suspension

The Mercedes in your garage is a paragon of the German automaker’s unrivalled luxury, style and performance. Its engineering is superior to most any other car you’ll ever find, and few would argue its automotive excellence. But, even the finest vehicle can be felled by a faulty suspension system, and is here to help you get your Mercedes’s suspension back on track. Whether you’re planning a complete custom overhaul of your Mercedes, or if you just want a smoother ride, has everything you’ll need to get your car back on the road in style and comfort.

The suspension system on your Mercedes is one of its most important, but most often overlooked, parts. It affects your handling, braking, and your overall ride comfort. carries the best selection of custom suspension parts and equipment, at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. We stock nothing but top quality custom Mercedes suspension kits and components, from some of the most trusted names in the business, including H&R, Air Suspensions Inc., and many more.

At, we offer an array of custom Mercedes air suspension kits to fit your needs. An air suspension kit allows you to adjust your vehicle’s ride height as needed, giving you ultimate performance and maximum comfort. A Mercedes custom air suspension kit is ideal for any rough or irregular terrain you may encounter, and will even make short work of any pesky speed bumps you come across. also stocks custom Mercedes lowering springs. Lowering springs drop your car’s ride height and center of gravity, significantly improving your handling and cornering abilities. They also give your Mercedes an aggressive, sporty look. For matchless style and a genuine race car feel, custom Mercedes lowering springs can’t be beat.

Your Mercedes may suffer from out of camber wheels, a common problem following extensive customization. Factors that can lead to out of camber wheels include larger-than-standard wheels or an altered body frame. Out of camber wheels damage your car’s alignment, wheels, tires and other parts–a custom Mercedes camber kit from will fix this problem, and put your car’s wheels back in the proper alignment.

Make your first (and only!) stop for all your custom Mercedes suspension kits and components. We carry the best selection of custom Mercedes air suspension kits, custom Mercedes lowering springs, custom Mercedes camber kits and custom Mercedes suspension components, at the best possible prices and backed by the best customer service around. Order online today, or call our customer service experts if you’re not quite sure what your custom Mercedes needs to perform at its zenith. Unleash your passion!

Mercedes Suspension