Audi Air Intakes

Audis’ superb German engineering and sleek styling make them among the finest vehicles ever created by man or ape. Their performance is top notch, as well, making Audis an automotive triple threat. Great as your Audi is, however, giving it a little something extra will make it even better. has an assortment of custom air intake systems and custom air intake parts to give your Audi a powerful one-two punch of improved performance and increased fuel economy.

To get the most out of your Audi, it’s essential that the engine’s air/fuel ratio be accurately managed. With a mass air flow filter adapter from, you can rest assured that it’s receiving optimal fuel mass via the ECU, ensuring supreme performance. carries a variety of mass air flow filter adapters, ensuring that you can find a perfect fit for your custom Audi’s needs. Our MAF adapters are a wonderful way to make sure your car’s air/fuel enrichment is at its apex. stocks several different cold air intake systems to improve your custom Audi’s engine power and overall efficiency. Our cold air intake systems will boost your Audi’s horsepower and torque, as well as increase its fuel economy. Installation is relatively easy, making our cold air intake systems a foolproof, simple way for anyone–dyed-in-the-wool gearhead and average Joe driver alike–to upgrade their Audi’s across the board performance. has high flow racing cold air intake system and non-turbo high flow cold air intake system options available as well, so no matter what level of performance you’re looking to reach, we’ve got you covered.

A short ram air intake from will allow for more complete fuel burn in your Audi’s engine, significantly improving your fuel efficiency. Short ram air intakes are also an excellent accompaniment to your Audi’s turbocharger, allowing a greater volume of air to enter the system and thereby enhancing its performance to incredible levels.’s short ram air intake systems will push your ride’s capabilities to the next level.

Why let just the cars reap these fabulous performance benefits? For your Audi SUV, has a wide array of superb air intake systems and air intake parts, as well. Our wonderful selection assures that you can find the exact custom air intake system to give your Audi SUV the marvelous performance and fuel economy upgrade you need.

All of’s Audi mass air flow filter adaptors, Audi cold air intake systems, Audi short ram air intakes, and Audi SUV air intake systems are made by some of the most trusted names in the business. Order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you’re unsure of exactly what you need to make your Audi perform at its best. We offer the best possible prices, the best selection, and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere.

Audi Air Intakes