Your car is truly a sweet ride. It was a real humdinger straight from the dealership, and chances are you’ve added a few custom upgrades to turn it into your own ideal driving machine. But, no matter how nice it looks or how well it performs on the road, it’s totally irrelevant if the people riding inside your car aren’t safe, or if your car itself isn’t protected from the criminal element.’s fantastic selection of custom safety accessories and custom security accessories will keep your ride, and the people inside, snug as a bug in a rug.


Whether you drive like Miss Daisy or a bat out of Hell, your car’s seatbelts are some of the most important interior components of your car. With’s marvelous variety of custom seat belts, you can ensure that everyone in your car stays safe. carries replacement standard 3-point seat belts, if your car’s stock safety belts have seen better days. For maximum hold on even the bumpiest of gravel backroads or the highest of high speeds, stocks custom racing harness seatbelts to hold you and your passengers firmly in place. And, for days when your furry friends want to ride along, has custom pet harness safety belts to keep them safe in your car.’s custom seatbelts will keep everybody buckled in tight in even the most extreme of driving conditions and situations.


In this day and age, parking your car outside for the night can be something of a crapshoot. But, with an custom steering wheel lock, you can rest assured that your car will be safe and sound when you return in the morning. Our steering wheel locks incapacitate your ride by making it impossible to steer (and therefore drive). If a would-be car thief can’t drive your car, he surely can’t steal it!


To provide supreme theft protection for your car, has an assortment of custom security alarm systems to ward off any crooks who may have their eye on your ride. Our custom alarm systems deliver honking horns, flashing lights and blaring sirens (among other things) that will attract the attention of police and passersby and send criminals packing.’s custom security systems are the ultimate line of defense against grand theft auto.


All of’s safety accessories and security accessories are specially designed and test-fitted to guarantee perfect installation within your car’s original framework. Installation for most of our custom safety equipment and custom security equipment is fairly simple, and a capable automotive DIYer should be able to complete installation with minimal difficulty. carries only the best custom safety accessories and custom security accessories for your car, all made by some of the most trusted manufacturers on the planet. Peruse our inventory and place an order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you’re uncertain which safety equipment and security equipment is right for your car. We’re here to help! Thanks to, your car will never be the same!