Straight from the showroom, your car was a wonderful driving machine. But, the factory components and settings only go so far on the road to true automotive excellence. If you want to transform your car from “stock” to “stupendous,” has all the custom performance parts you need.


The simplest, but one of the most effective, ways to improve your car’s performance is with an custom performance chip. Our performance chips maximize your car’s air/fuel ratio for supreme efficiency and a healthy horsepower boost. In just a few short minutes, you can give your ride a significant upgrade with one of’s performance chips.


An supercharger kit will give your ride a huge performance boost by providing far superior air supply to your engine, allowing for better fuel combustion and, therefore, greater performance. We stock a variety of custom superchargers, making it easy to find the right one for your ride.


To take the performance enhancement of a supercharger even farther, also carries custom turbocharger kits. Adding a turbocharger to your car will give it a similar, but bigger, boost than a supercharger, and as its powered by the exhaust from your engine, it provides even greater efficiency of operation. Installation is considerably more complex, however, and should not be undertaken by the novice.

One of’s custom intercooler kits will work in tandem with your supercharger or turbocharger to improve your car’s performance further still. By keeping the ingoing air cooler and denser, an intercooler kit allows for an even greater improvement in your car’s horsepower, and by keeping the whole system running cool, it will let you drive faster for longer, without potential for overheating and damage to your engine.


All of’s custom performance parts are specially designed and test-fit to ensure perfect installation on your car, no matter what make, model or year you drive. Installation ranges from the easy to the very difficult, so be sure to use your best judgment and seek outside assistance if/when necessary. With’s custom performance parts installed on your car, it will reach a new level of excellence. carries all of these fantastic custom performance parts, and many more. All are the best, top quality performance parts available, and are made by some of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Peruse our inventory and place your order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you’re unsure which custom performance parts are right for your car--we’re here to help! We offer the best selection, the best prices and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. With, your car will never be the same!