Hummer Suspension

Since the mid-1990s, when Arnold Schwarzenegger first started arriving at his Hollywood red-carpet premieres in one emblazoned with the words "The Terminator," the Hummer has been associated with both grade-A toughness and grade-A class in the truck world. It quickly rose to be one of the most enviable vehicles on the road. The Hummer possesses a number of seemingly contradictory attributes: it is fast despite its huge size, it is tough but quite nimble, and it is just as comfortable cruising the open highway as it is traversing some of the toughest terrain known to man. These formerly military-only vehicles have tremendous four-wheel-drive capabilities and are incredibly durable--qualities directly attributable to its former life as the preferred vehicle of some of the most powerful militaries in the world. With only a few small modifications, the US Army's Humvee became the Hummer we now know and love as a civilian vehicle.


However, no matter how tough and powerful Hummers may be, the vehicles would be little more than four-wheeled tanks without a proper suspension. Any vehicle as large and heavy as a Hummer needs its suspension to be in optimal working condition to achieve proper stability, comfort, and superior performance. At, we have quality Hummer suspension systems and components that will guarantee a good ride. We stock nothing but the best aftermarket and genuine Hummer parts, so our customers will get nothing but the best.


No one likes having to cut short their Sunday driver or summer road trip because of poor performance from their vehicle. With a Hummer, as with any high performance vehicle, the suspension plays a far larger part in the performance of the car as a whole than most people realize. The suspension is one of the most important mechanical systems in your vehicle. A good suspension system can make sure that when you encounter a bump or a pothole in the road, which we all inevitably do, you won't feel the slightest discomfort. It is very important that your Hummer's suspension get replaced as needed, as the parts do unavoidably wear out over time. When the time comes to replace your Hummer's suspension components, or if you're ready to make a performance upgrade, you cannot find better deals on more top quality parts than you'll find at We offer custom Hummer suspension systems that will have you smiling from ear to ear as you and your Hummer cruise smoothly and comfortably across even the toughest terrain.


At, you'll find all the best advice on which suspension components are best for your Hummer and your driving needs. We make it our business to satisfy your needs, and to offer all of our customers the best deals on the best parts around. Upgrade your Hummer’s factory issued suspension system today with new custom shocks, sway bars and new custom springs. A perfectly upgraded suspension system will dramatically improve the way your Hummer performs. Visit today for all your Hummer suspension parts.