Your car is a tremendous piece of machinery. Straight from the factory, it was an automotive gem, and chances are you’ve given it ample custom upgrades and updates. But, no matter how great you’ve made your custom ride, there’s one great equalizer that every car must have: brakes. has a fantastic selection of custom brakes and custom brake system components to guarantee that your car can stop when you need it to.


Stopping isn’t nearly as fun as driving fast, but if you’re going to drive fast, you’d better be sure you can stop, too. Your car’s factory brakes are probably fine for every day driving, but when you want to really flex your ride’s muscle and reach top speeds, stock brakes just won’t cut it. With’s custom brake system components, every part of your braking system will work in perfect unison to slow and stop you safely and swiftly, whether you suddenly need to dodge another driver, or if the police unexpectedly appear on the road. stocks a variety of custom brake rotors for maximum braking performance. We offer slotted brake rotors, dimpled brake rotors, and cross-drilled brake rotors, all of which will decrease your car’s stopping distance and dissipate heat more efficiently, to ensure that your brakes continue to function at their peak under even the harshest stop-and-start driving conditions.’s custom brake rotors are a simple but effective way to substantially improve your car’s overall performance.


To add to your custom brakes’ excellent performance, also has a wide array of custom brake pads. We offer custom brake pads made from a variety of materials, including our own exclusive ceramic-Kevlar blend.’s custom brake pads offer greater durability than standard brake pads, and are the perfect complement to custom brake rotors. With’s custom brake pads, you can stop on a dime, every time.


For a totally custom brake system on your car, look no further than We offer custom brake calipers, custom stainless steel brake lines, and more to complete your custom brake system. Custom brakes and custom brake system components from will give your ride maximum stopping power under any circumstances.


All of’s custom brakes and custom brake system components are specially designed and test-fit to ensure easy integration into your car’s existing framework. With a little elbow grease and know-how, any automotive DIYer should be able to handle installation, no problem. carries only top quality custom brakes and custom brake system components, all made by some of the best manufacturers in the business. Peruse our inventory and order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you need help finding the ideal custom brakes for your car. With, your car will never be the same!