Window Tint Kits

Your car is a real gem. It delivers outstanding performance and unrivaled style, and chances are you’ve given it a few choice custom upgrades to make it truly your own. Whether you’re just started your car customization undertaking, or if your magnum opus is nearing completion, there’s one fantastic project that should not be overlooked: window tint. stocks a wonderful assortment of custom window tint kits to help give your car ideal custom style.’s custom window tint kits are not only a fashionable addition to your car, they also serve several important functions. Our custom window tint kits will keep your car’s interior cool during even the hottest of summer days, and will block harmful UV rays to protect you and your passengers from that pesky sun. And,’s custom window tint kits will provide a higher level of privacy as you travel the streets, and will obscure would-be crooks’ view into your car when it’s parked and unattended. A custom window tint kit from will give your ride a hardy double dose of style and substance. stocks custom window tint kits in an array of tint levels, from 5 to 50 percent. Fifty percent is more than enough to keep your car cool and give it a sharp, custom look, while five percent will deliver limo-dark windows that no one will be able to see into. Keep in mind that very dark custom window tint is often not street legal, with anything from 35 to 50 percent generally being acceptable. Please check your local traffic laws before adding window tint darker than thirty-five percent to your custom ride.


All of’s custom window tint kits are specially designed and tested to ensure a perfect fit on your car. They’re made from the most durable, 2-ply 1.5 mm scratch-resistant film available, for years of reliable use. Installation is relatively simple, though precision is key, so use your best judgment and seek outside assistance if needed.’s custom window tint kits are one of the best, and easiest, ways to give your ride a unique, tasteful look. carries nothing but top quality custom window tint kits for your car, all made by some of the best manufacturers in the business. Search our inventory and place an order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you’re unsure which window tint kit is right for your car. We offer the best prices, the best selection and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. With, your car will never be the same!

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