Cadillac Hoods

For over a century, Cadillac has been the premier name in automotive luxury. Their cars and SUVs deliver the best in American-made engineering, supreme luxury, and powerful performance, a winning trifecta that has made Cadillacs perennial bestsellers and award-winners. Magnificent though your Cadillac is, with just a few custom tweaks you can transform it into a genuine automotive masterpiece.’s amazing selection of custom Cadillac hoods makes it simple to find the right one to give your ride a hearty double shot of performance and style.


Your Cadillac’s hood’s most basic function is to protect the engine and other components within the engine compartment. Your car’s factory hood can do that just fine, but probably leaves much to be desired in other ways. carries a wide variety of custom Cadillac hoods, from manufacturers like TYC, APC, Matrix, and more. Whether your Cadillac’s stock hood is damaged and in need of replacing, or if you just want to give your ride the ultimate performance custom hood,’s tremendous selection will give your ride a marvelous aesthetic enhancement and can significantly improve its performance capabilities.’s Euro hoods deliver one of the sharpest, most distinctive custom looks available, and will make your Cadillac look like nothing else on the road. A cowl induction hood from will keep your ride’s engine running cooler by increasing airflow through the engine compartment, giving your Cadillac a substantial performance boost. An carbon fiber hood is both durable and lightweight, giving your Cadillac’s engine the solid protection it needs, while lightening your car’s overall load, allowing for greater fuel efficiency. stocks fiberglass hoods in a variety of styles and readily-available colors, making them a remarkably versatile choice that can be customized to your Cadillac’s specific needs. carries Cadillac steel hoods, as well, a classic design that offers unequaled durability and maximum protection for your high-tech engine.


All of’s Cadillac hoods are easy to install, and are an ideal starting point for, or a perfect finishing touch to, your custom Cadillac project. Installation will take a skilled automotive DIYer no more than a few hours, and, as our custom Cadillac hoods are either paintable or available in your choice of colors, they’re sure to match your Cadillac’s already fantastic style. Both a nearly-effortless undertaking and exceptionally customizable,’s custom hoods are a “best of both worlds” addition to your Cadillac. is proud to stock nothing but top quality Cadillac cowl induction hoods, Cadillac steel hoods, Cadillac carbon fiber hoods, Cadillac fiberglass hoods, and Cadillac Euro hoods. Order online today, or call one of our customer service experts if you’re uncertain which custom Cadillac hood is right for your driving and performance needs. We offer the best selection, the best prices, and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. Thanks to, your Cadillac will never be the same!