Red Type-S Cold Air Intake / Filter For 01-03 Acura TL / CL


FITMENT: 2001-2003 CL Type-S / Premium V6 3.2L, 2001-2003 TL Type-S V6 3.2L
TRANSMISSION: Automatic Trans Only
SIZE: 3.0"



T-304 Aluminum intake pipe.


3" stainless steel filter.
Allow highest airflow through the stock manifold system.
Maximum airflow through the throttle body is reached.


Maximum airflow results in better throttle response and more horsepower.
Increase 5-10% horsepower.
Produce superior intense noise under your hood and better gas mileage.


The Cold Air design allows the engine to take in cooler, denser air which means more horsepower.


The Cold Air Intake starts with innovative filter technology, feeding faster, cooler air through the mandrel-bent aluminum intake pipe.


The Cold Air Intake is designed to make the vehicle run quieter


The Cold Air Intake allows for an oxygen rich air/fuel mixture for a more complete combustion which equals more power and better fuel economy.


  • Stylish Look


  • Quality of Material.


  • Produce massive horsepower and torque.


  • Better sound and air flow improve.


  • Improve Engine performance.


  • Provides superior air filtration.


  • Use exclusive filter technology.


  • The Cold Air Intake System draws-in the coolest possible air for maximum compact performance.


  • Custom-designed and engineered for your specific year, make, model and engine.


  • Easy Bolt on Installation.


Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • Acura
  • TL
  • 1951 - 1951
  • Acura
  • TL
  • 2001 - 2003
  • Model: SPY-SKU-CP-419R